Karen London is a veteran in the jewelry world, spending her youth in Upstate New York during the rock n roll 60s, when music festivals and free spirited clothing were new ideas and expression through style was the truest art form. That sensibility rings true today as London merges vintage inspirations with modern shapes and a contemporary vision to create a truly exclusive namesake collection.

Karen believes the devil is in the details. That you can wear the same white t-shirt or black mini dress 50 times over, but every look is fresh and new with the simple change of an accessory–that there is a perfect marriage between edgy and feminine, between rock n roll and bohemian, between understated and statement-making. We’ve seen it for centuries… Madonna singing Like A Virgin in a wedding dress, Tina Turner rocking out in those 5-inch heels. The strongest women in history, the most iconic, have all nailed this contrast of attitudes, consistently reflected through their fashion choices. Their influence then radiates out to the rest of the world, and becomes cemented in our closets as staple pieces and must-haves.

Karen’s eponymous collection attempts to merge it all: old world classic with new world design. You can feel it in the Karen London studio, its design walls covered with images that range from Castles and Cathedral ceilings to Kate Moss and Stevie Nicks. Staying true to her roots and sentiments, the designer names every distinctive piece after iconic musicians or their lyrics, making the collection a favorite with pop sensations and indie rock darlings alike.

The line started with elements of woven brass and hand crafted ebony pieces, studded with mixed metals and hammered textures. The line continues to evolve, as London begins to play with color through mosaic stones, and beads, broadening her collection to incorporate rich, vibrant elements to sit alongside her signature earthy designs of studded wood and woven brass, while maintaining the same architectural and Middle Eastern inspirations.

With the pin boards growing as quickly as the roster of starlets and musicians, it’s easy to wonder what we’ll see next from this forward-minded designer with her heart in the past.