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Paulina in Paris

Posted on 08 July 2018


Summer is here!! And we're all about the destinations.... where are we going? what should we see? what do we eat? how do we do this for a living?

Those are questions us normal people ask as soon as the travel bug bites. So, we decided to ask these babes that actually do travel, eat and look all babe-like for a living.

First up in our DESTINATION series... Paulina Perrucci: a vibrant personality that vividly pops in every photo on her lifestyle blog and IG account. This firefly took a trip over to the city of love and gave us some insight on how to do Paris right...  

KL: Tell us about your favorite food!

Paulina: My favorite food in Paris is the chocolate mousse at Chez Janou.  Trust me, if I could, I would fly to Paris every night just for that dessert!! 
[Looking like a sweet Parisian in a dress by Kristinit and our Iris Earrings while strolling through the Jardin des Tuileries -- see more of this look here]


KL: What is your favorite attraction?
Paulina: All the attractions in Paris are unbelievable and there is an overwhelming amount of sites to see.  One of my favorite things to do is have a picnic and enjoy all the gardens, like Tuileries, or take a train ride to the Palace of Versailles.


KL: Any unexpected moments on this trip?
Paulina: This past trip to Paris, while drinking a few bottles of wine with some of my Parisian friends at a random small cafe close by the Eiffel Tower, I looked outside the window and there was my friend from home!! The city may be big, but it truly seems so small.  
[We can hardly handle the chicness of the black + white look. Another look by Kristinit featuring our Droplet Duster Earrings -- see more of this Place de l'Opéra look here]
KL: To prepare for Paris, what should we know?
Paulina: Pack really comfortable shoes!  You will do so much walking, more than you’re thinking right now, trust me!! There is so much to see in Paris and if you’re there only for a short while, you’ll want to walk everywhere that way you don’t miss out on anything beautiful.  So find yourself a really cute pair of chic, comfortable sneakers, and you’ll be looking like a local Parisian.
Study up on some basic French, like asking for something, knowing how to order, or even just saying hello.  Everyone in Paris generally speaks English, but it’s a matter of respect to just try and speak their language.  I’ve had a few Parisians snap at me for not trying to speak their language, so it was the perfect opportunity to learn some French!
[Showing off the Droplet Choker on that lady-like neck of hers.]
KL: Of course, we've got to ask, what is your favorite KL piece?
Paulina: This is a trick question because I love all my Karen London Jewelry, but my favorite that I wear almost every day is the Vintage Layering Necklace.  The name says it all because it really is the perfect basic necklace to layer with other gold necklaces or statement pieces!!
KL: What's your next destination?
Paulina: I’m off to Miami Swim Week next and I can’t wait!! It’s my first time to Miami, so why not do it big and attend one of their biggest events of the year!


... cannot wait to see the bright and beautiful photos that come from this trip. Miami will look good on you, girl. 

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