Mega babe and the angel face of our Total Eclipse campaign, Delaney Sager, rocked Miami Swim Week with the girls of Newmark Models -- then jetted over to the Bahamas!

Below we asked for some insight and easy tips to this tropical tour... 

(Lounging at the Kimpton Angler's Hotel in the Sugar Baby Butterfly Necklace

KL: How hot was it? 

Delaney: Let’s just say… I was sweating a lot more than I would’ve liked. Thanks humidity! 


KL: What was your favorite part of the trip?

D: To close out Swim Week and our last night in Miami we had a beach picnic with all the girls. Just enjoying each others company, laughing our faces off and of course running wild and swimming in the ocean together as the sun was setting behind us. Pure bliss.

(Living the lady life at the Kimpton Angler's Hotel in South Beach)

KL: Favorite meal while you were there?

D: I had the best avocado toast to date at this cute little cafe called DIRT. Topped with an over easy egg of course! Delicious. 

KL: What are the most important things to pack?

D: Sunscreen, Bikinis, and ALL the snacks! That's all you need in life, right?

(Keeping it cool with this magical pool in the Bahamas - sporting the classic Antony Hoops)

KL: Tell us about a funny moment!

D: TOO many to count. It’s never a dull moment when you’re traveling with the Newmark Squad! I often find myself laughing till I cry and/or can’t breathe. 



(Looking like a 90s super model in Long Cay - featuring the Antony Hoops)

KL: Did you learn any random facts about Miami?

D: Thanks to my uber driver… I learned it has snowed once in Miami history! Just some flurries to be exact. Being from Ohio that makes me a bit jealous. Forever chasing the sun!

(A dreamy seaside scene at Long Cay with a peek of the Cruel Summer Anklet)

KL: What was your favorite KL piece for this trip?

D: Well I never really take off my Antony hoops… but my Sugar Baby Butterfly Necklace was my go to piece! So gorgeous and perfect for any bikini or low cut maxi dress!

If we didn't have the travel bug already, we DEFINITELY do now!

We adore you, Delaney and are in full envy of this escape to the ocean. Keep heating things up this Summer.