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Care Page

Let’s keep your beauties looking fresh! Here are some tips:

Our Italian silver jewelry is plated in rhodium. This metal helps protect the silver from scratches and tarnishing. It shouldn’t be necessary, but you can gently polish these items with a soft cloth to get rid of unwanted guck and fingerprints.
Our Italian gold jewelry is plated in 14kt gold. You can gently polish these items with a soft cloth, but you don’t want to remove the plating.
Our brass jewelry from India is plated in either gold or silver. Since brass is a base metal, you want to be very careful to keep the plating intact. You can gently polish with a cloth, but do not rub too hard. If the piece needs more thorough cleaning, you can wash it in water and use a Q-Tip for the little areas. Let it sit and dry fully before wearing. 
Our pieces from Turkey have pave turquoise and crystals. Do not let these pieces come in contact with water. There are many tiny stones that could fall out, so be sure to take them off while washing your hands or showering. 
Don’t let your jewels come in contact with any harmful products. This includes household cleaners, chlorine, sulfur, perfumes, etc. If you are going to wear perfume, make sure to let it fully dry before putting on any jewelry. Same goes for lotions.
Does your stone look dry or dull? Try applying olive oil with a Q-Tip. Gently dab it on the stone and then let the piece sit for 24 hours or overnight. Remove any excess oil gently with a soft cloth.
Store your jewels safely. The best way to keep your jewelry looking brand new is to seal them in an airtight bag when you are not wearing them.
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